Hobart Australia Travel Guide and Information

Hobart, located in Tasmania, Australia is an awesome place and a tourist heaven. It is an attention-grabbing and spirited city. The town’s intrinsic appeal, rich colonial inheritance, exceptional food and the fascinating festivals have spellbound tourists from every corner of the world. It has a great assortment of attractions such as the chronological buildings, marketplaces, breweries, old galleries, waterfront, mountain and river but the main attraction of this place is its superb range of activities and events. It is truly a magnificent city to visit.

Hobart the capital city of Tasmania, founded in 1803 is second oldest capital city after Sydney. The city is the financial and administrative heart of Tasmania, and also serves as the home port for both Australian and French Antarctic operations. The city is located in the south-east corner of the state on the estuary of the Derwent River. The skyline is dominated by Mount Wellington at 1,271 metres high.

Hobart offers a surfeit of activities to its guests. Numerous frivolous activities are there for the tourist who chooses to have fun or spend a wonderful holiday. Activities in Hobart include adventure sightseeing cruises, rafting, cycling, canoeing, adventure tours, hiking, tazzie rafting, abseiling, white water rafting, sports club and a lot more. Few of the must have experiences in Hobart are Wander Salamanca Place, climb Mount Wellington, visit Kettering and Richmond, seafood and wine, Hobart’s oldest suburb, etc.

Hobart has eternally been a place of events and has been delivering some of the most known and enjoyable events since quite a few decades. One major highlight of the Hobart event is the world class Salamanca Market that is carryout each Saturday in the historic Salamanca Place. Some other major and attractive Hobart events comprises of Hobart Christmas Pageant which sees Hobart Central Business District come again to life with around thousands of spectators lining the route to look at the procession and also annual Carols.

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Birmingham Travel Guide and Attractions

There are many worth visiting cities in the UK and Birmingham is one of them. It is one of the most famous and second largest cities in the UK. If you are planning your vacation with your family then this is one of the perfect destinations in the UK. This city is also known as “City of Trades”. From London it is very easy to travel to this city as it is well connected by all modes of transportation. I would recommend you to travel to this city by train. Birmingham is well connected by train to all major destinations in the UK.

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Attractions in Birmingham:-

Birmingham has many attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. Tourists spend their memorable time here with their family and friends. I am providing a list of few top attractions that I would recommend you to add to your must visit list of attractions.

Parks: – Yet there are many parks in the city but Drayton Manor Theme is the best park to spend time with family and have fun. There are some other parks also that you can visit and enjoy your time here Aston Science Park, Sutton Park etc

Museums:- There are many museums in Birmingham that attract tourist from all over the world. Some of the best museums that you need to add to your must visit list are Millennium Point, Cadbury World Museum, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery etc.

National Exhibition Center: – You also have to add this attraction in the must visit list in Birmingham. This is really beautiful place where you can spend good time. Few other worth visiting attractions in Birmingham are Victoria Square Birmingham, The National Sea Life Center, Hippodrome Theatre etc.


You can enjoy your nightlife well in Birmingham as there are many nightclubs bars and restaurants. Birmingham is famous for its young and vibrant nightlife. Some of the best bars and nightclubs are The Medicine Bar, The Sanctuary, The Rainbow pub in Birmingham. So don’t miss the nightlife of this beautiful place.

You can visit this beautiful destination any time as it has its own beauty in every season. But winter is the most appropriate time to visit this city. City looks like heaven while covered in snow in winter. So plan your trip to this city and spend memorable time here with your family and friends. Wish you happy journey!

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European City Guide – Medieval Travel in Spello

Surely we are familiar with the country Italy. The high-end fashion brands such as Gucci and Prada make a name for themselves throughout the world now. Since soccer is one of the world’s favorite sports, many are familiar with names like Totti and Del Pierro. We are familiar with pasta, pizza and gelato. We may not have heard of the Chianti regions, but we are certain to know that Italy is one the world’s best wine producers. From the movie the Gladiator, many are exposed to the Colosseum in Rome. Italy also produced one of the best classical music artists in the world such as the singer Luciano Pavarotti, and composers Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini to name a few. In art, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Raffaello Sanzio are not strangers to our ears.

Presently, and possibly for quite sometime now, the three main destinations in Italy are Rome, Florence and Venice. People come flocking to Rome because of the rich historic remains from one of the world’s most impressive empires: the Roman empire. Others go to Florence in the association with the birth of renaissance and high art, and Venice as the unique floating city that is eternalized in Shakespeare’s play the Merchant of Venice. However, Italy offers a lot more than that.

Let me introduce to you an untouched medieval city Spello. It is located in the province of Perugia. Nearby, the cities Assisi and Perugia are more famous. Usually, it takes less than 40 minutes from Perugia to Spello by train. From other popular destinations, it takes about 3 hours from Florence, 2 hours from Rome and less than 10 minutes from Assisi. From the train station, it would take you about 5 – 10 minutes walk, depending on how fast you walk.

If you are planning to visit Assisi, I beseech you, take some time off and visit Spello. If you’re really tight on time, I would say prepare about just 2 hours to experience Spello. Spello is very pretty and ancient. Be sure to check out the Porta di Venere, which is a gate from the 1st century. There are definitely pointers that you can get from the Tourist Information Office, but I didn’t use them when I was exploring Spello. I had a bit of time, and I just wanted to get lost exploring the city.

I was immersed in the beautiful houses, the romantic fortifications and the heart-melting sceneries that I didn’t care where I was. There was even an unexpected Michelin-starred restaurant La Bastiglia! There were very few tourists here and I received surprised stares from the locals. I loved the fact that it wasn’t very touristy, but the more I walked through Spello, the more I wondered why this city hadn’t attracted more attention than this. True, there was no particularly significant art gallery or museum to visit in Spello, but just the couple of churches, water fountains and the medieval atmosphere were reason enough.

Leatherworking Guide and More For WoW Players

Have you ever wanted to feel like you are in another world? A world where fantasy turns into reality? A world where magic exists and monsters and creatures of all kinds walk the lands, where power and lore are everything. Well search no more as you are about to embark in a journey of valor and mysticism in the mystical cyber dimension of World of Warcraft.

One of the very first things that people should know about this game called World of Warcraft is that it has a policy of paying first before you get to play. Do not worry, upon your registration for an account, you are given a fixed set of time for playing the game and once you finish that whole time, you will then have to pay if you wish to continue. This is done to help players get a feel of what goes on in the world of Azeroth and if they really like to continue. If you ever decide to continue your game, you have the two payment options to choose from. The first payment method which probably is the easiest and most convenient way is through the use of your credit or debit cards. Do not worry as the transaction you will be making online is completely safe and risk-free. The second option would be for you to purchase game cards. Game cards enable you to be able to play for a given set of time. The higher the denomination of the World of Warcraft game card you purchase, the longer the amount of playing time you will have. It does not matter which payment option you choose to do as it will not affect your game in any way.

There are tons of things to do in this massive multiplayer online role playing game like making herbs, customizing your garments, hunting for monsters, battling other players in the player versus player mode, and of course, the increasingly popular WoW activity called leatherworking. As you move from city to city in the world of Azeroth, you will see some non-playing characters offering a leatherworking guide for beginners and newbie gamers.

When it comes to leatherworking, a player must have good hunting skills. You must have a good knowledge of where and when to hunt the monsters that will be able to provide you with the raw items you need in order to work on one of the most powerful substances in the world of Azeroth – leather. Most of the leatherworking guide present n some of the cities provide excellent information about the locations of some of the creatures which will give amazing pelt or skin for you to use on your leatherworks.

Mage Leveling Guide and Mage Leveling Spec

It’s always a bit rough starting a new toon in Wow, since you have so much new information to learn. Mage in particular is a difficult class to master, but this Mage leveling guide and Mage leveling spec should helped flatten out the learning curve a good bit.

Being skill dependent means Mage can be the best class in the game, depending on your skill. The best soloing tree is Frost, as it grants a level of control and survivability that can’t be matched by other specs.

Here’s my preferred Frost Mage Leveling Spec:

(Don’t move on to Arcane until Frost is finished)

Improved Frostbolt – 5/5

Frostbite – 3/3

Ice Floes – 3/3

Ice Shards – 3/3

Permafrost – 3/3

Icy Veins – 1/1

Arctic Reach – 2/2

Frost Channeling – 3/3

Shatter – 3/3

Cold Snap – 1/1

Cold as Ice – 2/2

Winter’s Chill – 3/3

Shattered Barrier – 2/2

Ice Barrier – 1/1

Arctic Winds – 1/5

Empowered Frostbolt – 2/2

Fingers of Frost – 2/2

Brain Freeze – 3/3

Summon Water Elemental – 1/1

Enduring Winter – 3/3

Chilled to the Bone – 3/5

Deep Freeze – 1/1

Then, continue on the Arcane to finish out your spec:

Arcane Subtlety – 2/2

Arcane Focus – 3/3

Arcane Fortitude – 3/3

Magic Absorption – 2/2

Magic Attunement – 2/2

Spell Impact – 3/3

Improved Counterspell – 2/2

Torment the Weak – 3/3

So there’s the Mage leveling spec…now for the Mage leveling guide bit!

General tips come first (these apply to all classes):

Use keybinds for your spells; DON’T CLICK ABILITIES. It’s too slow, and mage is dependent on skill. Once you’ve got that out of the way, your mouse is free for MUCH quicker and more precise movement; hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to turn quickly. You NEED this kind of control to play a mage well; you’ll be almost useless if you can’t master these skills.

I wouldn’t bother with any professions at all until level eighty. They’re a waste of time when you’re leveling. Instead, buy all your gear. You can easily afford this as long as you sell everything white quality or better on the Auction House; do this quickly by keeping an alt in a major city and mailing everything to them to Auction.

Don’t let rest XP go to waste; log off in a inn!

Use a good questing guide! I’ll link my review of the most popular ones at the end of the article.
Keep a good supply of Food/Drink of the correct level! Mana is always going to be your limiting factor, and it takes forever to regenerate if you don’t use water.

Now, the Mage leveling guide specific tips!

Be conservative with mana, especially at lower levels; don’t use mana-expensive instants when a wand or two will down the mob.

Remember to always use your cooldowns effectively; for example, Evocation is useless if it just sits around; use it the second you’re low enough in mana to get the full effect.

Once you get your pet, get used to manually controlling it; letting it run wild is much less effective.
Don’t rely on shields, especially mana shield; wasting the mana on them is going to cause you WAAAAY more downtime than you’d have if you just played smart and avoided getting hit.

Learn to kite! A Frost mages biggest advantage is the ability to never let an enemy catch him.

Go for Hit Rating, Spellpower/Frost Damage, and Int over other stats! You shouldn’t be getting hit, so stamina is useless!

Now, how exactly do you play your mage? It depends what level you are!

For the early levels, you pretty much just want to use whatever spell is newest; it’ll usually be the strongest and most mana efficient. It might be a good idea to Frostbolt for the snare to start, but other than that, just nuke away. A wand is great for mana efficiency, so buy one asap.

Once you start getting talent points, use Frostbolt exclusively. Seriously, nothing else is worth it once you have some talent points in. Continue to finish mobs with your wand. Frost Nova is a major boon; with a few talent points, you’ll be able to use it every fight. This will be how things go for a long time: Frostbolt until you’re about to get hit, Frost Nova, run away, start over.

Things will get MUCH easier once you get your “Shatter combo” talents; the crit damage increase and chance to crit frozen mobs. You can expect to get at least one MAJOR crit per fight thanks to Frost Nova.
Things stay much the same for a long time, until you get your Water Elemental. Suddenly, you don’t have mana trouble anymore and nothing can stand against you, even elites. I recommend using the Glyph of Eternal Water, as the loss of your freeze is completely worth the improvement in your overall damage abilities.